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I've set this page up to offer solutions to some of the problems people are having viewing the mpeg movie files. If you're having problems viewing the clips please take a moment to read through this page. If you're still having problems afterwards, drop me an email and I'll do my best to help.

Your Software
The first thing I recomend is that you use a mpeg player such as Windows Media Player from Microsoft or IrfanView from (if you don't like Microsoft).

Error Messages
Usually when you click on a link for a mpeg Windows Media Player will pop up and ask you for your username and password again. This is normal. Enter them again (or just click on OK, if they are already in the boxes) and you should start downloading the file.

Sometimes, you'll get an error message like the one below:

Don't panic! First thing to do is click on OK. Then, making sure you leave Windows Media Player open (i.e. don't close down the program), click on the link for the mpeg clip again. This time you shouldn't be prompted for your username and password again. If you are asked for your username and password again, follow these instructions:

  • In Windows Media Player, click on View in the menu at the top and then select Options.
  • Next, click on the Player tab and make sure that 'Use the same player for each media file' is checked.
  • Click on OK.

Select View and then Options
Check 'User the same player...'

Now, again without closing down Windows Media Player, click on the link for the mpeg again and it should start working. You might need to click on the link a couple of times and get the error message again, but it should work okay.

Alternatively, you can save the mpeg file to your hard drive and then play it from there. To do this you just need to right-click on the link and then select 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...'.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer
For Netscape Navigator

Then, select where to save it on your hard drive and click Save. Now you just need to locate the mpeg clip in Windows Explorer and double-click on it and it should play without problems.

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