Upgrading Membership FAQ

What does 'Upgrading Membership' mean?
When you first register for you become a Guest Member with limited privileges on the site. This gives you the opportunity to check out the site and see if it is to your liking. If you do like it, you can upgrade your membership (to become a Standard Member) and gain access to all the Member Services.

What features are available to Standard Members?
Standard Members are able to post to all the Boards, upload unlimited files, have unrestricted downloads and can ignore and watch users.

How do I become a Standard Member?
To become a Standard Member you must first register and then use the Upgrade Membership Form.

How much is it to become a Standard Member?
Standard Membership is only $10 a month.

How much is $10 in my own currency?
Select your currency from the list below and press 'Go'.
(Conversion service provided by OANDA)

What are the payment options?
Currently the payment options are credit card and on-line cheques (US residents only). We plan to introduce an option where people can send cheques through normal mail shortly.

What will appear on my credit card/bank statement?
'IBL* ibill' will appear on your statement.

What should I do if I've just upgraded my membership but I still cannot post messages or download more than 20 files?
Once you've upgraded your membership you must go back to the Boards Main Page and hit refresh/reload on your browser. You should then be able to access all the features available to Standard Members.

How do I cancel my Standard Membership?
Enter you email address in the form here. This will automatically send an email to the company who process credit cards and cheques on our behalf instructing them to cancel your subscription. If you have forgotten your password and cannot access the form, you can enter you email address in the Password Reminder form. Using the cancel form is the quickest and easiest way of cancelling, but if you have problems accessing or using it email with your Member ID, username or Subscription Code.

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