Registration FAQ

Why do I need to register for the site?
The Boards are a totally interactive web site and we've found it best to ask people to register first, as this helps to prevent people from disrupting the Boards for the other users. All registrations are kept 100% confidential and no information is ever passed to other parties.

How do I register for the site?
You need to complete the registration form. An e-mail will be sent to the address you enter which will contain a confirmation code. You will then need to enter this confirmation code in the form here. Once you've entered the correct confirmation code all the details you entered in the registration form will be registered in the users database and you can access the Boards with the username and password you chose.

Why isn't my email address being accepted when I try to register?
The error message should usually explain why your email address isn't being accepted. The most common reason is because it is an address at a free host such as Hotmail or Yahoo. Also, make sure you are entering the address correctly - it should appear like

Why don't you allow free email addresses?
Free email addresses are not allowed because we need to restrict the number of free accounts and we also need to be able to identify and verify users in case they abuse our service.

What if I do not want to give you my proper email address because I will get spam?
The email address you enter when you register is what we use to send an email requesting confirmation that it is valid. That is the only email we ever send to that address. Once you're registered, you can edit your registered information to store a different email address (which can be anywhere!) for us to use if we need to contact you. Whatever email address you enter will never be passed to any other person or organisation and will never be used for spam. Confidentiality is of prime importance to this site.

What should I do if I haven't received the email with the confirmation code?
When you complete the registration form an e-mail is sent immediately to the e-mail address you entered. It's possible that you mis-typed your address, in which case it's probably best to complete the form again making sure you enter your address correctly.

If you are an AOL user, please make sure you haven't subscribed to the adult e-mail blocking list. AOL have a list of adult related addresses, e-mail from which can be blocked. If you have subscribed to the list, please remove yourself from it and then complete the registration form once more. After you've received the e-mail with the confirmation code you can subscribe to the AOL blocking service again.

What should I do if I've completed the registration form a few times and I've never received the confirmation code?
E-mail with the e-mail address you're using and we'll do our best to help.

Where do I enter the confirmation code?
You need to enter the confirmation code in the form here.

Is there anything I can do when I've entered the confirmation code but it's not being accepted properly?
Please make sure you are entering the code properly. If you continue to have difficulty, you can register your details again (at the form here) and await for the another code. If problems persist, email for further assistance.

What should I do if I've completed the registration form but I want to use a different username and/or password?
If you have already completed your registration and entered the confirmation code, you can modify your registered details using the form here. If you haven't already completed your registration and entered the confirmation code, you can complete the registration form again with the username and password you would like and then wait a further confirmation code.

What should I do if someone has already registered the username I want to use?
The only thing to do is to choose a different username.

What should I do if I've tried to register and it says that my e-mail address is already registered?
If you think you might have already registered for the Boards you can enter your e-mail address in the password reminder form and the username and password registered for your e-mail address will be emailed to you. If you haven't already registered then please e-mail and we'll do our best to help.

How can my partner and I both register with only one 'proper' e-mail address?
E-mail, explaining the situation and we'll do our best to help.

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